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등록 실감 인터랙션 기반의 가상 훈련 방법 및 장치

백성민, 길연희, 유초롱, 신희숙, 홍성진
17528401 (2021.11.17)
20220157022 (2022.05.19)
11887257 (2024.01.30)
20ZH1200, 초실감 입체공간 미디어·콘텐츠 원천기술연구, 이태진
A method and an apparatus for virtual training based on tangible interaction are provided. The apparatus acquires data for virtual training, and acquires a three-dimensional position of a real object based on a depth image and color image of the real object and infrared (IR) data included in the obtained data. Then, virtualization of an overall appearance of a user is performed by extracting a depth from depth information on a user image included in the obtained data and matching the extracted depth with the color information, and depth data and color data for the user obtained according to virtualization of the user is visualized in virtual training content. In addition, the apparatus performs correction on joint information using the joint information and the depth information included in the obtained data, estimates a posture of the user using the corrected joint information, and estimates a posture of a training tool using the depth information and IR data included in the obtained data.
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Color Data, Color images, Color information, Depth Data, Depth image, Depth information, Three dimensional(3D), Training content, Training tool, Virtual Training, tangible Interaction, training based
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