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이미지 확대
전용성, 최두호, 이상재, 성하영, 오미경, 김익균
17507727 (2021.10.21)
20220155974 (2022.05.19)
11726668 (2023.08.15)
20HR6500, 무선 은닉채널 위험성 검증 연구, 전용성
Disclosed herein is a device equipped with flash memory, which includes memory in which at least one program is recorded and a processor for executing the program. The memory includes flash memory including a data area and a backup area, and the program divides data into two or more segments depending on whether the data can be stored in a single page and stores the same in the data area. The first segment is stored in a page along with a segment number, indicating the sequential position of the divided data, a segment offset, indicating the number of pages between the pages in which the current segment and the next segment are stored, the size of a data file name, the size of the data, and the file name. At least one additional segment may be stored in another page along with the segment number and segment offset thereof.
KSP 제안 키워드
Data file, Flash Memory, Number of pages, Segment number