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등록 개별 회전 방사 소자에 의한 기계적 각 위상 변화를 갖는 안테나 장치

개별 회전 방사 소자에 의한 기계적 각 위상 변화를 갖는 안테나 장치
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엄순영, 안재영
17519807 (2021.11.05)
20220149521 (2022.05.12)
11715875 (2023.08.01)
20IS1300, 무인비행장치의 불법 비행 감지를 위한 EO/IR 연동 레이다 개발 및 실증시험, 안재영
Disclosed is an individual rotating radiating element which causes an electrical phase change with the mechanical rotary motion of a rotating radiating element and an array antenna using the same. The individual rotating radiating element comprises an auxiliary structure formed of a dielectric, a helix element inserted into a spiral groove on a side surface of the auxiliary structure, a ground plate coupled to a lower surface of the auxiliary structure; a driving unit including an opening in which the ground plate is placed and rotating the auxiliary structure, and a spatial electromagnetic coupling structure having a first feed pin and a second feed pin electromagnetically coupled each other during power feeding is inserted through a lower surface spaced apart from the upper surface with an inner space therebetween.
KSP 제안 키워드
Array antenna, Auxiliary structure, Coupling structure, Electromagnetic coupling, Phase change, Radiating element, Rotary motion, Spiral groove, electromagnetically coupled
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