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등록 지하공동구 맞춤형 디지털트윈 재난 관리 시스템

지하공동구 맞춤형 디지털트윈 재난 관리 시스템
이미지 확대
명승일, 정우석, 이미숙
17534563 (2021.11.24)
20220167142 (2022.05.26)
11729597 (2023.08.15)
20HR5700, 디지털트윈 기반 화재재난지원 통합 플랫폼, 정우석
Provided is a digital twin disaster management system customized to keep safety for urban underground tunnels, including: a sensor sub-system configured to detect environmental information, status information and image information in the urban underground tunnels; a digital twin model management sub-system configured to create and update a virtual space corresponding to the urban underground tunnels using information provided from the sensor sub-system and 3D space, insert various types of attributes into the virtual space, detect tagging information, predict the spread of each disaster, and infer a degree of risk of a management facility; a disaster management sub-system having a control function of conducting centralized supervision by displaying information about components installed in the urban underground tunnels in the metaverse space and recording a situation; and a network sub-system configured to provide the virtual space to a user terminal of an external inspector.
KSP 제안 키워드
3D space, Control functions, Digital Twin, Disaster Management System, Disaster management, Environmental information, Image information, Management system, Status information, Sub-system, Tagging information, Urban underground, Using information, Virtual space, model management