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Electrical energy storage (EES) systems - Part 3-3: Planning and performance assessment of electrical energy storage systems - Additional requirements for energy intensive and backup power applications

Sangjin Jeong
Standard Body
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IEC TS 62933-3-3:2022
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Project Code
22PR2100, Development of Electrical Safty Management Technology for Electrical Equipments, An Yoon Young
IEC TS 62933-3-3:2022 provides requirements, guidelines and references when EES systems are designed, controlled and operated for energy intensive, islanded grid and backup power supply applications. In energy intensive applications, the EES system provides long charge and discharge phases at variable powers to the supported grid or user equipment. In islanded operation, the EES system provides energy to the islanded grid and coordinates other power generation systems in the islanded grid. In backup power supply and emergency support, the EES system provides energy to the internal grid or a set of emergency loads when the main grid power supply is not available.