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연도 표준화기구 국제표준 원문링크
2008 ITU NGN 릴리즈 2 범위 (scope)
2010 ITU Functional requirements of the service provider interface for television primary and secondary distribution and associated interactive services
2012 ITU ITU-T Recommendation J.381, "Requirements for advanced digital cable transmission technologies"
2015 ITU J.arstv-req: 증강방송 시스템 요구사항 규격의 AAP 승인을 위한 수정 제안
2014 ITU Advanced sound system for programme production
2015 ITU Audio coding for digital broadcasting
2015 ITU Measurement of radio frequency electromagnetic fields to determine compliance with human exposure limits when a base station is put into service
2008 ITU NGN convergence service model and scenario using web services
2008 ITU Technologies involved in countering e-mail spam
2008 ITU Framework of multi-homing in IPv6-based NGN
2008 ITU General overview of IPv6-based NGN
2008 ITU General requirements for ID/locator separation in NGN
2008 ITU Recommendation Y.2234 (Y.ngn-openenv), Final text based on resolution of the AAP LC comments, and consideration of liaisons from OMA and ITU-T SG 4
2010 ITU 승인을 위한 Q.3222 권고안
2011 ITU ITU-T Y.2000-series – Supplementary service scenarios for fixed-mobile convergence
2012 ITU Y.MM-WAU(Y.2812) 권고초안
2012 ITU ITU-T Y.2000-series - Supplement on N-screen service scenarios for fixed mobile convergence
2015 ITU Requirements and reference architecture for audience-selectable media service framework in the IoT environment
2008 ITU Proposed IMT-Advanced Requirements
2017 ITU ITU-R 권고 P.1411-8 개정 제안서