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연도 표준화기구 국제표준 원문링크
2019 ITU Requirements and architecture for indoor conversational robot systems
2019 ITU Requirements and capabilities of user-centric work space service
2018 ITU Requirements and capability framework for IoT-based automotive emergency response system
2009 ITU Requirements and framework for the support of VPN services in NGN, including the mobile environment
2013 ITU Requirements and functional architecture for the open USN service platform
2015 ITU Requirements and reference architecture for audience-selectable media service framework in the IoT environment
2015 ITU Requirements and reference architecture of M2M service layer
2020 ITU Requirements for collection and preservation of cybersecurity incident evidence
2017 ITU Requirements of IMT-2020 network
2002 ITU Revised draft text of X.gmp (Group Management Protocol)
2009 OMG Robotic Localization Service
2016 ITU SDN 기능 요구사항 - 표준권고안
2012 ITU SNMP-based sensor network management framework
2013 ITU SUN - 컨텐츠 인지 프레임웍 표준안
2019 ITU Scene-based metadata for IPTV services
2017 ITU Secure protection guidelines for value-added services provided by telecommunication operators
2008 ITU Security architecture and operations for peer-to-peer network
2017 ITU Security capability requirements for countering smartphone-based botnets
2017 ITU Security framework and requirements for open capabilities of telecommunication services
2020 ITU Security guidelines for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication