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연도 표준화기구 국제표준 원문링크
2012 ITU Functional requirements and architecture of the NGN for support of ubiquitous sensor network (USN) applications and services
2012 ITU Functional requirements and architecture of the web service component in next generation networks
2010 ITU Functional requirements of the service provider interface for television primary and secondary distribution and associated interactive services
2021 ITU Functional requirements specification for self-interference cancellation function of in-band full-duplex in HFC based network
2012 ISO Future Network: Problem statement and requirements - Part 1: Overall aspects
2010 ITU G.8032 이더넷 링 프로텍션 권고 - 2010년
2018 ITU G.808 Amendment 1 권고 초안 (consent용)
2019 ITU G.8131 Amendment 3 초안 (consent용)
2019 ITU G.8132/Y.1383 권고 개정 초안 1 (콘센트용)
2020 ITU G.873.1 Corrigendum 1 권고 초안(consent 용)
2003 IETF GSMP 버전3 스펙
2008 ITU General overview of IPv6-based NGN
2008 ITU General requirements for ID/locator separation in NGN
2019 ITU Generic protection switching - Ring protection
2021 ITU Guidelines for an intrusion detection system for in-vehicle networks
2020 ITU Guidelines for security services provided by operators
2015 ITU Guidelines on local linkable anonymous authentication for electronic services
2015 ITU H.741.3 Amd.1: IPTV 분산 콘텐츠 서비스를 위한 이용자 행태 측정정보 - XML 스키마
2015 ITU H.781 : Digital signage: Functional architecture
2016 ITU H.IPTV-EUIF: Proposed updates and request for Consent