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2012 ITU Information technology - Automatic identification and data capture technique - Identifier resolution protocol for multimedia information access triggered by tag-based identification
2012 ITU Functional requirements and architecture of the NGN for support of ubiquitous sensor network (USN) applications and services
2012 ITU Capabilities of ubiquitous sensor networks for supporting the requirements of smart metering services
2012 ITU Deployment guidelines for ubiquitous sensor network applications and services for mitigating climate change
2012 ITU Framework of the web of things
2013 ITU Information technology - Open systems interconnection - Object identifier resolution system (ORS)
2013 ITU Requirements and functional architecture for the open USN service platform
2009 ITU Framework for NGN support of multicast-based services
2015 ITU Big data - Cloud computing based requirements and capabilities
2015 ITU OID-based resolution framework for heterogeneous identifiers and locators
2015 ITU Machine socialization: Relation management models and descriptions
2015 ITU Reference operational model and interface for improving energy efficiency of ICT network hosts
2022 ITU Security threats and requirements for video management systems
2019 ITU Use cases for structured threat information expression
2020 ITU Requirements for collection and preservation of cybersecurity incident evidence
2020 ITU Security threats to connected vehicles
2020 ITU Security guidelines for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication
2020 ITU Amendment 1: New Annex A − Network equipment-based multipath transmission
2019 ITU Scene-based metadata for IPTV services
2019 ITU Requirements and capabilities of user-centric work space service