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학술지 An Intrusive Analyzer for Hadoop Systems Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
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배병진, 김영주, 김영국, 하옥균, 전용기
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, v.2014, pp.1-8
Hindawi Publishing
14MS3900, 이기종 IoT 디바이스 지원 자가적응형 SW 프레임워크 핵심 기술 개발(표준화연계), 정영준
Owing to the acceleration of IoT- (Internet of Things-) based wireless sensor networks, cloud-computing services using Big Data are rapidly growing. In order to manage and analyze Big Data efficiently, Hadoop frameworks have been used in a variety of fields. Hadoop processes Big Data as record values by using MapReduce programming in a distributed environment. Through MapReduce, data are stored in a Hadoop file system, and that form is not structured but unstructured. For this, it is not easy to grasp the cause, although inaccurate and unreliable data occur in the process of Hadoop-based MapReduce. As a result, Big Data may lead to a fatal flaw in the system, possibly paralyzing services. There are existing tools that monitor Hadoop systems' status. However, the status information is not related to inner structure of Hadoop system so it is not easy to analyze Hadoop systems. In this paper, we propose an intrusive analyzer that detects interesting events to occur in distributed processing systems with Hadoop in wireless sensor networks. This tool guarantees a transparent monitor as using the JDI (Java debug interface).
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Big Data, Cloud Computing, Distributed Environment, File System, Hadoop system, Internet of thing(IoT), MapReduce Programming, Status information, Wireless sensor networks(WSNs), distributed processing, inner structure