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학술지 Highly Secure Mobile Devices Assisted with Trusted Cloud Computing Environments
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오두환, 김일규, 김근수, 이상민, 노원우
ETRI Journal, v.37 no.2, pp.348-358
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
Mobile devices have been widespread and become very popular with connectivity to the Internet, and a lot of desktop PC applications are now aggressively ported to them. Unfortunately, mobile devices are often vulnerable to malicious attacks due to their common usage and connectivity to the Internet. Therefore, the demands on the development of mobile security systems increase in accordance with advances in mobile computing. However, it is very hard to run a security program on a mobile device all of the time due the device's limited computational power and battery life. To overcome these problems, we propose a novel mobile security scheme that migrates heavy computations on mobile devices to cloud servers. An efficient data transmission scheme for reducing data traffic between devices and servers over networks is introduced. We have evaluated the proposed scheme with a mobile device in a cloud environment, whereby it achieved a maximum speedup of 13.4 compared to a traditional algorithm.
KSP 제안 키워드
Cloud server, Computational Power, Data traffic, Data transmission, Desktop Pc, Mobile computing, Mobile devices, Transmission scheme, Trusted cloud computing, battery life, cloud computing environments(CCE)