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학술지 A Lightweight True Random Number Generator using Beta Radiation for IoT Applications
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박경환, 박성모, 최병건, 강태욱, 김종범, 김영희, 김홍주
ETRI Journal, v.42 no.6, pp.951-964
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
20JS1100, 난수 발생 회로 개발 및 집적화 기술 개발, 박경환
This paper presents a lightweight true random number generator (TRNG) using beta radiation that is useful for Internet of Things (IoT) security. In general, a random number generator (RNG) is required for all secure communication devices because random numbers are needed to generate encryption keys. Most RNGs are computer algorithms and use physical noise as their seed. However, it is difficult to obtain physical noise in small IoT devices. Since IoT security functions are required in almost all countries, IoT devices must be equipped with security algorithms that can pass the cryptographic module validation programs of each country. In this regard, it is very cumbersome to embed security algorithms, random number generation algorithms, and even physical noise sources in small IoT devices. Therefore, this paper introduces a lightweight TRNG comprising a thin-film beta-radiation source and integrated circuits (ICs). Although the ICs are currently being designed, the IC design was functionally verified at the board level. Our random numbers are output from a verification board and tested according to National Institute of Standards and Technology standards.
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Beta-radiation, Communication device, Computer algorithms, Cryptographic module, IC design, IOT applications, Integrated circuit, Internet of Things (IoT) security, Internet of thing(IoT), IoT Devices, National Institute of Standards and Technology