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학술지 Switching and Heat-Dissipation Performance Analysis of an LTCC-Based Leadless Surface Mount Package
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정동윤, 장현규, 원종일, 조두형, 권성규, 이성현, 박건식, 임종원, 이용하
Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science, v.22 no.1, pp.1-9
대한전자공학회 (IEIE)
20VU1100, 국방 무기체계용 핵심 반도체 부품 자립화 플랫폼 개발, 임종원
?볾 leadless surface mount package was developed to enhance the switching and heat-dissipation properties of a power semiconductor. The package was implemented through a low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC)-based multilayer circuit substrate that could form embedded cavities. A silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky barrier diode (SBD) bare die was attached to the cavity in the LTCC substrate. Chip interconnection was realized using a wide and thick copper (Cu) clip with a low parasitic inductance and electrical resistance compared to those of a conventional wire. Silver-filled multiple vias and wide metal planes were used to reduce the electrical parasitic effects and enhance the heat-dissipation of the package. The DC and dynamic characteristics of the 600 V/10 A-class SiC SBD package involving the proposed technologies were evaluated. The dynamic test results indicated that the reverse recovery charge (Qrr) was 18.7% lower than that of a traditional TO-220 packaged product with the same bare die. Furthermore, two leadless commercial products and the proposed package prototype were applied to a power factor correction (PFC) converter, and the power loss and heat-dissipation performances were compared. The proposed package exhibited a lower loss and higher heat dissipation than those of the commercial products.
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Commercial products, Dynamic test, Electrical Resistance, Heat Dissipation, LTCC substrate, Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic(LTCC), Low parasitic inductance, Low temperature(LT), Parasitic effects, Performance analysis, Power factor(P.F)
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