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학술지 SRS: Spatial-tagged radio-mapping system combining LiDAR and mobile-phone data for indoor location-based services
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Advanced Engineering Informatics, v.52, pp.1-12
20HS1400, 노동환경 개선을 위한 로봇 작업지능 핵심기술 개발, 유원필
One of the most challenging issues in radio received signal strength (RSS)-based localization systems is the generation and distribution of a radio map with a coordinate system linked with spatial information in a large indoor space. This study proposes a novel spatial-tagged radio-mapping system (SRS) that effectively combines the heterogeneous properties of LiDAR and mobile phones to simultaneously perform both spatial and radio mappings. The SRS consists of synchronization, localization, and map building processes, and enables real-time spatial and radio mapping. In the synchronization process, the distance range, motion data, and radio signals obtained through the LiDAR and mobile phone are collected in nodal units according to the sensing time. In the localization process, a feature variance filter is used to control the number of features generated from LiDAR and estimate the positions at which the nodes are generated in real time according to the motion data and radio signals. In map building, the estimated positions of the nodes are used to extract spatial and radio maps by using a unified location coordinate system. To ensure mobility, the SRS is manufactured in the form of a backpack supporting LiDAR and a mobile phone; the usefulness of the system is experimentally verified. The experiments are performed in a large indoor shopping mall with a complex structure. The experimental results demonstrated that a common coordinate system could be used to build spatial and radio maps with high accuracy and efficiency in real time. In addition, the field applicability of the SRS to location-based services is experimentally verified by applying the constructed radio map to well-known fingerprinting algorithms using the heterogeneous mobile phones.
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Accuracy and efficiency, Challenging issues, Complex structure, Coordinate system, High accuracy, Indoor Location-based services, Indoor Space, Localization systems, Map building, Motion Data, Radio Map
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