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등록 매개 인터페이스 장치를 이용한 한/영 타이프라이터 시스템 및 문자열 입력 방법

매개 인터페이스 장치를 이용한 한/영 타이프라이터 시스템 및 문자열 입력 방법
이미지 확대
이대하, 김재홍, 정연구, 이재연, 박천수, 조현성, 박찬규, 강상승, 장민수, 손주찬
12965249 (2010.12.10)
20110144975 (2011.06.16)
8775159 (2014.07.08)
09IC1700, 인간-로봇 상호작용 매개 기술 개발, 김재홍
Disclosed is a typewriter system and a text input method capable of accurately recognizing words by correcting words input using a mediated interface device based on a dictionary. A plurality of texts are combined by referencing a text recognition order set in which recognition results of texts are arranged according to a recognition order from texts input through the mediated interface device and the combined text is filtered using part index maps formed of part words that are an accumulated set of texts forming complete words. The part words passing through the part index maps is again filtered using a dictionary including context information formed of a set of words in a specific category, thereby making it possible to accurately recognize the words. The part words that cannot form words in a dictionary are removed in advance using the part index maps, thereby improving the recognition efficiency.
KSP 제안 키워드
Context Information, Interface device, Recognition efficiency, Text Recognition, Text input
패밀리 특허 목록
구분 특허 출원국 KIPRIS
등록 매개 인터페이스 장치를 이용한 한/영 타이프라이터 시스템 및 문자열 입력 방법 대한민국 KIPRIS