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등록 현실-가상 환경 자기 중심 거리감 일치도 향상을 위한 가시화 최적화 기술

현실-가상 환경 자기 중심 거리감 일치도 향상을 위한 가시화 최적화 기술
이미지 확대
양웅연, 김기홍
201910457085.9 (2019.05.29)
110555912 (2019.12.10)
ZL201910457085.9 (2023.08.11)
17HS6300, 고속 정밀 추적 기반 상호작용이 가능한 몰입형 체험 기술과 콘텐츠 개발 및 가상현실 실내 체험 공간 구축, 김기홍
The invention discloses a method and a device for reproducing virtual reality content. The method includes the steps of: identifying human factors of a user wearing a virtual reality content reproduction device; identifying the hardware factors of the virtual reality content reproduction device; identifying software factors for virtual reality content; outputting the calibration guide informationfor guiding the operation of the calibration assisting device to the user wearing the virtual reality content reproduction device and detecting the calibration interaction information of the user foroperating the calibration assisting device; analyzing the spatial difference factors that cause the distance difference between the real space and the virtual space represented by the virtual realitycontent based on the relationship between human factors, hardware factors and software factors and the detected calibration interaction information; correcting virtual reality content taking into account spatial differences; outputting the corrected virtual reality content, confirming the user's interactive information during the output of the virtual reality content, and outputting the virtual reality content reflecting the interactive information.
KSP 제안 키워드
Distance difference, Human Factors, Interactive information, Spatial difference, Virtual Reality(VR), Virtual space, interaction information