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연도 표준화기구 국제표준 원문링크
2008 ITU Supplement on the use of DSL-based systems in next generation networks
2018 ITU 컨센트 - ITU-T Q.5001 신규 권고안 (Q.IEC-REQ), "지능형 에지 컴퓨팅 신호방식 요구사항 및 구조"
2008 ITU Framework of location management for NGN
2008 ITU Q.1709/Y.2806(임시 참조명: Q.HCF) 권고안의 AAP 승인을 위한 초안 제안
2009 ITU Requirements and framework for the support of VPN services in NGN, including the mobile environment
2009 ITU NGN convergence service model and scenario using web services
2009 ITU NGN에서 유비쿼터스 네트워킹 지원에 대한 개요
2015 ITU Framework of a micro energy grid
2010 ITU Service description and requirements for ubiquitous sensor network middleware
2016 ITU H.WoT-SA “Web of Things Service Architecture” (New):Output draft (for Consent)
2016 ITU Framework of the web of things
2016 ITU Cloud computing – Framework and high-level requirements
2016 ITU ITU-T Y.3600 – Big data standardization roadmap
2016 ITU H.IPTV-EUIF: Proposed updates and request for Consent
2017 ITU Common requirements and capabilities of a gateway for Internet of Things applications
2017 ITU ITU-T Y.IoT-WDS 규격의 최종 승인을 위한 업데이트 제안
2017 ITU Big data - Framework and requirements for data exchange
2018 ITU Framework of self-organization network in Internet of things environments
2018 ITU Big data - Functional requirements for data provenance
2016 ITU Framework of constrained device networking in the IoT environments