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연도 표준화기구 국제표준 원문링크
2016 ITU Transmission specification for IP-based switched digital video using Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications
2016 ITU Requirement of channel switching service over Hybrid Fiber and Coaxial based network
2016 ITU J.arstv-spec : 증강방송 시스템 표준 규격 개발 제안
2016 ISO MPEG Surround Extension for 3D Audio
2016 3GPP HARQ-ACK 응답정보 기반의 충돌윈도우 제어
2016 IEEE 적은 파워 소모 지원하는 채널 액세스
2016 IEEE RAW 기반 매체 접근을 위한 자원 할당 프레임 포맷
2016 IEEE AP의 보조를 통한 매체 동기화 기고서
2016 IEEE Clause 9.42.2 절의 Letter Ballot을 위한 Comment Resolution
2016 IEEE 11ah를 위한 non-TIM allocation 기고
2016 ISO/IEC Proposal of adding COG(Center of Gravity) type to ISO/IEC 23005-5
2016 ISO/IEC Proposal of SEP Engine APIs
2016 ISO/IEC Process of reference software for SE Engine
2016 ISO/IEC Reference software for the SEP Engine
2016 IETF Proxy Mobile IPv6 Extensions to Support Flow Mobility
2016 IETF Logical-Interface Support for IP Hosts with Multi-Access Support
2016 IEC IEC 62779-1 Ed.1: Semiconductor devices - Semiconductor interface for human body communication - Part 1: General requirements
2016 ITU H.WoT-SA “Web of Things Service Architecture” (New):Output draft (for Consent)
2016 ITU Framework of the web of things
2016 ITU Cloud computing – Framework and high-level requirements