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2017 ITU Signalling requirements of SDN-based access networks with media independent management capabilities
2017 ITU Terms and definitions for IMT-2020 network
2017 ITU Requirements of IMT-2020 network
2017 3GPP Updated Solution 3.10 for CN Assisted Paging Retry
2017 ISO/IEC Information technology -- Open systems interconnection -- Part 1: Object identifier resolution system
2017 ITU Information technology - Open systems interconnection - Object identifier resolution system (ORS)
2017 ITU Framework of climate change risk assessment for telecommunication and electrical facilities
2017 ITU Digital Signage: Metadata
2017 ITU Specification of IP-VoD DRM for cable television multiscreen system in multi-DRM environment
2017 ITU X.609.3 : Managed P2P communications: Multimedia streaming signalling requirements
2017 ITU Service model and architecture of downloadable mobile multi-CA/DRM solutions for delivering CA/DRM client software to secondary device
2017 IETF MPLS-TP 선형보호절체 MIB
2017 ITU Deployment Models of N-screen services
2017 ITU ITU-T G.8132 권고 초안(2017.06.30 consent 용)
2017 IETF Updates to MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Linear Protection in Automatic Protection Switching (APS) Mode
2017 IEC Fibre optic active components and devices - Test and measurement procedures - Part 5: Wavelength channel tuning time of tuneable transmitters
2017 ITU ITU-T Y.TPS-req "유스케이스와 서비스 시나리오를 포함하는 교통안전서비스 요구사항" 규격 보완
2017 ITU Framework for a language learning system based on speech and natural language processing (NLP) technology
2017 ISO/IEC ISO/IEC 20382-1:2017 Information technology -- User interfaces -- Face-to-face speech translation -- Part 1: User interface
2017 ISO/IEC Information technology -- User interface -- Face-to-face speech translation -- Part 2: System architecture and functional components