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2015 ITU Requirements and reference architecture of M2M service layer
2015 ITU Machine socialization: Overview and reference model
2015 ITU X.609 : Managed peer-to-peer (P2P) communications: Functional architecture
2015 ITU H.781 : Digital signage: Functional architecture
2015 ITU Specifications of authorization centre interfaces for renewable conditional access system
2015 ITU The proposed interface specification between DAC and CASS for J.rcas-ac
2015 ITU Interface specification between Centralized Authorization Centre (CAC) and Distributed Authorization Centre (DAC) for J.rcas-ac
2015 ITU Architecture and requirements of digital rights management (DRM) for cable television multiscreen
2015 ITU XML schema on the data structures for message delivery
2015 ITU Amd.1: Proposed instances
2015 ITU Propagation data and prediction methods for the planning of short-range outdoor radiocommunication systems and radio local area networks in the frequency range 300 MHz to 100 GHz
2015 ITU ODUk shared ring protection
2015 ATSC 3DTV Terrestrial Broadcasting, Part 4- Service Compatible Hybrid Delivery 3D using Broadband or ATSC NRT
2015 ISO/IEC Information technology -- Dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH) -- Part 1: Media presentation description and segment formats
2015 ITU Audio coding for digital broadcasting
2015 ITU Measurement of radio frequency electromagnetic fields to determine compliance with human exposure limits when a base station is put into service
2015 ITU Requirements and reference architecture for audience-selectable media service framework in the IoT environment
2014 ISO/IEC Information technology -- Sensor networks -- Generic Sensor Network Application Interface
2014 OMA Social Network Web Enabler
2014 ITU Supplement 22 to ITU-T X-series Recommendations ITU-T X.1144 - Supplement on enhancements and new features in eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML 3.0)