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2021 ITU Guidelines for an intrusion detection system for in-vehicle networks
2021 ITU Emotion enabled multimodal user interface based on artificial neural networks
2021 ISO/IEC Telecommunications and information exchange between systems — Future network architecture — Part 3: Networking of everything
2021 ISO/IEC Telecommunications and information exchange between systems — Future network protocols and mechanisms — Part 3: Networking of everything
2022 ITU EMF strength inside and outside of electric vehicle using wireless power transfer (WPT) technology
2022 ISO Sustainable cities and communities — Management requirements and recommendations for open data for smart cities and communities — Overview and general principles
2022 ISO/IEC Information technology — Plenoptic image coding system (JPEG Pleno) — Part 1: Framework
2022 ITU Hybrid peer-to-peer (P2P) communications: Overlay management protocol
2022 ITU
2022 ITU Cloud computing - Functional requirements for a container
2022 ITU Framework for service interworking with device discovery and management in heterogeneous Internet of things environments
2022 ITU Reference framework of converged service for identification and authentication for IoT devices in a decentralized environment
2022 ITU Big data - Functional requirements for data provenance
2022 ITU Requirements and capabilities of a digital twin system for smart cities
2022 ITU Requirements and framework for smart livestock farming based on the Internet of things
2022 IEC Electrical energy storage (EES) systems - Part 3-3: Planning and performance assessment of electrical energy storage systems - Additional requirements for energy intensive and backup power applications
2022 ITU Guidelines for an intrusion prevention system for connected vehicles
2022 ITU Cloud computing - Global management framework of distributed cloud
2022 ITU Cloud computing - Overview and functional requirements for data storage federation
2022 ITU Security threats and requirements for video management systems