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이동진, 민경욱, 성경복, 송유승, 김주영, 강정규, 한승준, 조용우, 최두섭, 안택현, 강도욱, 최정단, 박재혁
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20HS5500, 대중교통 소외지역 이동 및 생활안전 사회문제해결을 위한 표준플랫폼 기반 자율주행기술개발, 민경욱
Disclosed herein are an object recognition apparatus of an automated driving system using error removal based on object classification and a method using the same. The object recognition method is configured to train a multi-object classification model based on deep learning using training data including a data set corresponding to a noise class, into which a false-positive object is classified, among classes classified by the types of objects, to acquire a point cloud and image data respectively using a LiDAR sensor and a camera provided in an autonomous vehicle, to extract a crop image, corresponding to at least one object recognized based on the point cloud, from the image data and input the same to the multi-object classification model, and to remove a false-positive object classified into the noise class, among the at least one object, by the multi-object classification model.
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Automated driving, Autonomous vehicle, Classification models, Data sets, Driving system, Image data, LiDAR Sensor, Multi-object, Object Recognition, Object classification, Point clouds, Recognition method, deep learning(DL), model-based, training data