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연도 표준화기구 국제표준 원문링크
2009 OMG Robotic Localization Service
2008 IETF IPv6 Deployment Scenarios in 802.16 Networks (07버전)
2008 ITU NGN 릴리즈 2 범위 (scope)
2008 ITU NGN convergence service model and scenario using web services
2008 ITU Technologies involved in countering e-mail spam
2008 ITU Framework of multi-homing in IPv6-based NGN
2008 ITU General overview of IPv6-based NGN
2008 ITU General requirements for ID/locator separation in NGN
2008 ITU Recommendation Y.2234 (Y.ngn-openenv), Final text based on resolution of the AAP LC comments, and consideration of liaisons from OMA and ITU-T SG 4
2008 IETF IEEE 802.16 네트워크에서의 IP 프로토콜 동작에 따른 문제점 및 작업 목적
2008 IETF IEEE 802.16e 네트워크에서 FMIPv6 프로토콜 동작
2008 ISO/IEC Information technology - Open Systems Interconnection - Procedures for the operation of OSI Registration Authorities: Registration of object identifier arcs for applications and services using tag-based identification
2008 ITU Proposed IMT-Advanced Requirements
2008 ITU Wideband embedded extension for ITU-T G.711 pulse code modulation
2008 ITU X.homesec-4에 대한 최종 드래프트
2008 ITU Security architecture and operations for peer-to-peer network
2008 ECMA International 고속 60GHz PHY, MAC, HDMI PAL 최종 표준안 (릴레이동작 19장)
2008 ETSI Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB);Voice Applications
2008 ITU Supplement on the use of DSL-based systems in next generation networks