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2012 IEEE IEEE802.15.4g SUN PHY 규격
2012 OMG Dynamic Deployment and Configuration for Robotic Technology Component (DDC4RTC) Specification
2012 OMG 로봇의 상호작용 서비스 프레임
2011 IEEE IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks Part 16: Air Interface for Broadband Wireless Access Systems Amendment 3: Advanced Air Interface
2011 ITU ITU-T Y.2000-series – Supplementary service scenarios for fixed-mobile convergence
2011 ITU Recommendation ITU-T Y.3001 "Future Networks: Objectives and Design Goals
2011 IETF Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Localized Routing Problem Statement
2011 ITU Draft Recommendation ITU-T Y.2020 (Y.OSE-arch): Open service environment functional architecture for NGN - for approval
2011 ITU Methodology for environmental life cycle assessments of information and communication technology goods, networks and services
2011 ITU Recommendation ITU-T X.1253, Security guidelines for identity management systems
2011 ISO/IEC Consumer privacy-protection protocol for Mobile RFID services
2011 ISO ISO 9241-910:2011 촉각상호작용 프레임워크
2011 IEEE IEEE 11073-10406 - 의료정보표준 - 개인건강기기통신 - 기기특화 - 기본 심전계 (1-3채널 심전계)
2011 ISO 지능형 교통 시스템- ITS 서비스를 위한 차량 인터페이스: Part 1 일반사항과 유즈케이스 정의
2010 ITU Network attachment control functions in next generation networks
2010 ITU G.8032 이더넷 링 프로텍션 권고 - 2010년
2010 ITU A framework for adaptive end-to-end QoS control based on variable bit-rate codecs in wireless networks
2010 ITU Functional requirements of the service provider interface for television primary and secondary distribution and associated interactive services
2010 ITU 승인을 위한 Q.3222 권고안
2010 ITU Information technology - Open Systems Interconnection - Object Identifier Resolution System (ORS)