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2010 ITU Service description and requirements for ubiquitous sensor network middleware
2010 ISO Information technology -- Multimedia framework (MPEG-21) -- Part 19: Media Value Chain Ontology
2010 ITU Information Technology - Mobile Multicast Communications: Framework
2010 ISO/IEC Information technology - Open systems interconnection - Part 1: Object identifier resolution system
2010 ISO/IEC Information technology - Open systems interconnection - Part 2: Procedures for the object identifier resolution system operational agency
2010 ITU Network attachment control functions in next generation networks
2010 ITU A framework for adaptive end-to-end QoS control based on variable bit-rate codecs in wireless networks
2010 ITU G.8032 이더넷 링 프로텍션 권고 - 2010년
2010 ITU Information technology - Open Systems Interconnection - Object Identifier Resolution System (ORS)
2009 ETSI Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB);Middleware;Part 1: System aspects
2009 ITU NGN에서 MPLS기반 이동성 기능
2009 ITU Requirements and framework for the support of VPN services in NGN, including the mobile environment
2009 ITU NGN convergence service model and scenario using web services
2009 ITU NGN에서 유비쿼터스 네트워킹 지원에 대한 개요
2009 IEEE ANSI/IEEE 802.15.5-2009 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Information technology-- Telecommunications and information exchange between systems-- Local and metropolitan area networks-- Specific requirements Part 15.5: Mesh Topology Capability in Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs)
2009 ISO 지능형교통시스템-ITS 서비스를 위한 차량 인터페이스-Part 2: 차량 게이트웨이와 노매딕 기기간 프로토콜 요구사항
2009 ISO 지능형교통시스템- CALM - 공중통신망 일반 요구사항
2009 OMG Robotic Localization Service
2009 ITU Threats and requirements for protection of personally identifiable information in applications using tag-based identification
2009 ITU X.1251 - A framework for user control of digital identity