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2015 ITU Big data - Cloud computing based requirements and capabilities
2015 ITU OID-based resolution framework for heterogeneous identifiers and locators
2015 ITU Machine socialization: Relation management models and descriptions
2015 ITU Reference operational model and interface for improving energy efficiency of ICT network hosts
2015 ITU Requirements and reference architecture of M2M service layer
2015 ITU Machine socialization: Overview and reference model
2015 ITU X.609 : Managed peer-to-peer (P2P) communications: Functional architecture
2015 ITU H.781 : Digital signage: Functional architecture
2015 ITU Specifications of authorization centre interfaces for renewable conditional access system
2015 ITU The proposed interface specification between DAC and CASS for J.rcas-ac
2015 ITU Interface specification between Centralized Authorization Centre (CAC) and Distributed Authorization Centre (DAC) for J.rcas-ac
2015 ITU Architecture and requirements of digital rights management (DRM) for cable television multiscreen
2015 ITU XML schema on the data structures for message delivery
2015 ITU Amd.1: Proposed instances
2020 ITU Common equipment management function requirements
2018 ITU Framework for an energy-sharing and trading platform
2019 ITU Radio over Fiber Systems
2019 ITU Generic protection switching - Ring protection
2022 ITU EMF strength inside and outside of electric vehicle using wireless power transfer (WPT) technology
2016 ITU Mobility management framework for applications with multiple devices