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2011 A Simple and Smart Telemedicine Device for Developing Regions: A Pocket-Sized Colorimetric Reader   이대식   Lab on a Chip, v.11 no.1, pp.120-126 99 원문
2015 PEDOT:PSS Films with Greatly Enhanced Conductivity via Nitric Acid Treatment at Room Temperature and Their Application as Pt/TCO-Free Counter Electrodes in Dye- Sensitized Solar Cells   연창봉   Advanced Electronic Materials, v.1 no.10, pp.1-8 99 원문
2000 Performance of Channel Estimation Methods for OFDM Systems in a Multipath Fading Channels   문재경   IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, v.46 no.1, pp.161-170 99 원문
2008 Metal-insulator Transition-induced Electrical Oscillation in Vanadium Dioxide Thin Film   이용욱   Applied Physics Letters, v.92 no.16, pp.1-3 98 원문
2005 Portable electronic nose system based on the carbon black-polymer composite sensor array   김용신   Sensors and Actuators B : Chemical, v.108 no.1-2, pp.285-291 98 원문
2006 Iterative Learning Control: A Tutorial and Big Picture View   Kevin L. Moore  Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) 2006, pp.2352-2357 98 원문
2010 Circuital Modeling and Measurement of Shielding Effectiveness Against Oblique Incident Plane Wave on Apertures in Multiple Sides of Rectangular Enclosure   심종주  IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, v.52 no.3, pp.566-577 98 원문
2016 Optimal Coupling to Achieve Maximum Output Power in a WPT System   서동욱   IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, v.31 no.6, pp.3994-3998 98 원문
2007 A Study of Stainless Steel-based Dye-sensitized Solar Cells and Modules   전용석   Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, v.91 no.9, pp.779-784 98 원문
2008 Structure Effects on Resistive Switching of Al/TiOx/Al Devices for RRAM Applications   유리은  IEEE Electron Device Letters, v.29 no.4, pp.331-333 97 원문